Imesath believes that women are the key to inclusive economic growth. When women improve their own economic welfare it automatically improves their families’ welfare and that of their immediate environment and when many women are empowered to do the same, it benefits India.

Imesath is a platform that facilitates matching of local demand and supply for services with a focus on women.

Imesath works with individuals, neighborhood’s, local businesses, governments and non-profit organizations to connect service seekers with service providers in the same neighbourhood. Imesath believes that connecting service seekers with service providers from the same neighbourhood will bolster economic inclusion. On one hand it will reward the women who want to leverage their skills and gain economic independence while managing their homes and children and on the other the service seekers will benefit from a reliable local network of service providers which will be bolstered through feedback, references and testimonials. Imesath believes that a multitude of such interlacing local networks will support skill development, attract investment, and foster entrepreneurship to create financial inclusion for women, paving the way for women to have a greater voice and choice.